Relationships in China

Demonstrating our commitment to our work in China, D&D has forged working relationships with design firms throughout China to serve our clients there. Affiliated firms are located in Beijing, Shenzhen/Hong Kong, and the Nanjing/Shanghai region.

Recent and Current Projects Include:
Jiangsu Province
  • University District Conference Hotel, Nanjing
  • University District Boutique "Library" Hotel, Nanjing
  • University District Condo Hotel, Nanjing
  • Wuxi Jin Garden Residential Community, Wuxi
  • Wuxi Financial Center, Wuxi
  • Goulion Residential Community Clubhouse, Wuxi
Jiangxi Province - Nanchang City
  • Mixed Use Development (3 highrises + shopping mall)
  • Marriott Courtyard Hotel
  • Residential Community (3 highrises, townhouses, and school)
  • Luxury Residential Highrise
Yunnan Province
  • Luxury Hot Springs Resort, Kunming
Liaoning Province - Shenyang City
  • Mixed Use Development (3 highrises + shopping mall)
  • Marriott Renaissance Hotel
Hebei Province
  • Sales Center, Qinhuangdao
Shandong Province
  • Pending
Guangdong Province
  • Pending


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