River Terrace Inn


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  • Location: Napa, California
  • Content: The River Terrace Inn settled along the Napa River in Napa, California expanded, introducing fresh new features. This new build sees the addition of two floors of suites that house 8 rooms total, a 1,500 SF ballroom, a pre-function space, with new public restrooms. The work was completed by Degen & Degen and corresponded with a complete face-lift and redesign of the lobby, restaurant, and bar areas.

    The new guestrooms, influenced by their home within California’s Wine Country, embody the rugged, somewhat untamed Western frontier that can still be found throughout the valley. This, balanced with the romantic essence of the Napa River, brings about a feeling of luxury in a gender balanced mélange of soft and rough, industrial and ethereal. It presents as modern, yet timeless. Each room features an oversized artwork, digitally printed on a canvas-like textured wallcovering and hung floor to ceiling. These grand focal points are richly trimmed with wide wood molding, the overall effect being one of eclectic, textural layering and a buzz of grandeur.

    The guest baths, carefully laid out to maximize a feeling of space and lavishness, feature walk-in showers, custom double vanities, and deck-mounted soaking tubs. Functioning wood shutters allow bathers an uninterrupted view of the river while the bedroom’s electric fireplaces and oversized, overstuffed lounge furniture encourage in-room comfort.

    With an immersive experience and its Napa Valley roots in mind, the vision of River Terrace Inn’s expansion comes to life in all aspects of the suites — regardless of one’s location within the room, there is unlimited opportunity to relax and enjoy the landscape as the sun rises and sets over the Napa River.
  • D&D Services: Interior Design
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